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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Hey Gary, I like to use wooden hoops on the top and bottom of some of my drums.
It would be great if you made lugs that would work with wooden reso hoops.
Hi Bob . It can be done but I don't know if you want or willing to do this. What we did was to just undercut the backside of the hoop with the tip of a big drill bit to give us enough room to get the clip on. You can see the dished out area in the pic. We knew that people with wood hoops would have trouble with the batter side , but we tried to keep as much equal distance between non-threaded bottom side and the top thread side when the drum is assembled. Don't know if that makes sense , but I am more than willing to relook at the current length and see what we can do. Its only a couple of quick key changes in the computer program , so it wouldn't be hard to do. Also do to the thickness of the wood hoop you can pretty much throw the spring away because its nearly impossible to compress it enough to get the clip on.
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