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Default Re: A place to be...

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
that'd be like an ant hoping to one day emulate a giraffe...
Hehe... I can relate to that comparison, it's pretty accurate :))

I understand you point of view, she's somewhere where I'll never be, but it is the case with all our major influences, I'll never be as good as Simon Phillips or Billy Cobham :)

And I guess you'll never be as good as Steve Gadd (though I might be wrong there), but it is indeed the great players, within any instruments, with their unreachable status as musicians, that we look up for influences and inspirations. :))

Hiromi's performance and inspiration gives me further incentives to be a better musician, but I'm aware, especially at my age, that I'll never be as good as her technicaly speaking, but I feel I can reach the emotional content of such a performance within my playing, at my level of musicianship, at least it's what I will thrive for. :)

Within that concept, emotionaly, we can be touched by music or players within our level or equal to our technical abilities, for whatever reasons, it's how we percieve a performance and what effect such music has to someone. With this in mind, I'm still listening to An American Noodle, and it still provides me with positive emotions. :))

I love 2 types of music, both within a wide range of musical styles, the music I listen because I'm amazed by the dexterity of the musicianship displayed within a given piece of music, generaly, I will not add such music in my favourite play lists, and there's the music I listen to because it touches me emotionaly and spiritualy, such music is on my favourite playlist, and often, it's not a technical materpiece, just music that I can relate to within my life and my tastes, and I'm sure it does apply to many of us. :-))
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