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Default Re: Micing up a drum kit for live performace.

Yes more info please.

Here is the heirarchy of how I like to mic things (most important stuff first), all depending on available inputs for that gig and size of band, and all that stuff.

1 - Bass Drum mic. I've used just a bass drum mic more than any other microphone setup.

(adding mics)

2 - snare drum mic, positioned between hats and snare to pick up both

2b - one mic on snare and one mic near the hi hats (or as an overhead, see #3)

This is also a very common configuration for me with kick and snare/hats mic. Many times though, my gigs are small and the hat and snare needs little help.

3 - a single over head microphone is added to pickup toms and cymbals and ambiance of the kit. Note for small gigs (like jazz trios) this is sometimes the first setup (and only).

4 - two overheads

5 - big loud gigs, close mic on each tom tom. For my old gig that meant a lot of mics, a lot of cables and a lot of channels. Sometime it takes longer to set up mics than it does drums!
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