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Default Re: What sports do You play?

Except from drumming (which is a sports to some degree IMO) I'm doing running (with idle periods) and weight training (even more idle periods). The runs are typically 4-10 km, I'm in the process of building a minimum basis. I would extend the distance. 1-2 years ago I did some training semi-marathons in under 2 hrs. That's out of my reach ATM but I might get back there this year. My maximum distance ever run was 27 km. (I was doing athletics in my youth for several years, with a focus on distances like 800m and 1.000m).

As to weight training: I'm doing this at home, it's not a "heavy duty" training but with moderate weights. But not too often. Both weight training and running can interfere with practicing drums (as in my case, doing a lot of double bass) so I have to control the strain on my ankles/tendons.
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