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Originally Posted by StephensDrumShed View Post
Ok, so I've gotta throw my two cents in. I used to break 1-2 pairs of Vic Firth 5A's per 45 minute set with my band when we were on tour. I started using Silverfox Sticks because I had heard how durable they were. Seriously, they're awesome. They coat the stick with a thin coat of Duracrylix, which make them less likely to splinter.

The only way I approve a piece of gear is if it passes the gig test...and the Silverfox Sticks kill it! I was so impressed that I made a review of them on my YT channel. You can check it out here:
What size Silverfox sticks do you use?
I usually play 5B sticks but I bought 5A Silverfox and I'm also a hard hitter and they last me about 2 months. And I love how light but durable they are.
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