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Default Re: John Bonham

1) you haven't seen Bonzo live
2) you haven't seen Jojo Mayer live ;-)
so you can't really compare them
. . . . . .what does this have to with anything? haha thats like saying ummm you cant say that Neil Peart is a good drummer because you havent seen him live, all you ahve heard is his crappy studio work. . . . . ? and yes i havent seen bonham or jo jo mayer in person, but i have many live DVD's of both, and have all of bonhams studio work. Dont tell me that im idolizing him to much, bonham IMO is the greatest rock drummer of all time. Your comparison with the hands is totally irrelevant seeing as that in most cases drummers dont do rolls or fills with one hand. And when they do, like dennis chambers, people including myself find it amazing that they could do that with just one hand. Hearing tracks like Good Times, Bad Times im amazed, along with tons of other people that he could do that with just one foot.
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