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Default Re: Info for anyone interrested in Weight training.

Interesting, especially the decline bench part but how many reps is a set?

Not sure if you've heard of it but I am doing the Body for life routine right now. I need to lose weight more than build muscle but according to Bill Phillips book the way to gain muscle is the opposite of what you have listed. I am sure this argument can go on for days but basically the routine is like this

Day 1--Upper body where you do each upper body part starting with a low weight for 12 reps, then gradually increase the weight and do 10 reps, increase again do 8reps, increase yet again and do 6 reps which you should barely be able to do, then rest 1 minute and do 12 reps at the weight you did 10 or 8 at whichever you can do, then immediately do 12 reps for that body part but do a different exercise.

Day-2 Cardiofor 25 minutes, with the same idea, jog on a treadmill and start at a comfy pace where yoour exertion level is a 6 for 2 minutes then every minute increase till level 9 then back down to level 6 and start again every minute go back up..the last 2 minutes you should go to max peak level 10 and yoour done.

Day 3--Lower body quads, Hammies,calves, and abs.

Day--4 Cardio

Day 5 Upper body again

Day--6 Cardio

Day 7----rest

Then start the next week with lower body.

I did this years ago for 2 months and it worked great, this time I plan on 3 months and then maybe I will look to building muscle more but you surprisingly build alot of muscle with this program,

Check it oout here...
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