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Default Re: Info for anyone interrested in Weight training.

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
That is really an excellent and well thought out lifting routine. I've developed many for myself over the years, but I can see your wisdom in the way you've constructed it. I will definitely do this one when I get back to the gym. Just one question...why do you recommend the decline bench presses rather than flat bench? Just curious...

That's interesting what you said in the other thread about starting heavy and then making it lighter and lighter for the next sets. This is exactly what I did for my Bench press sets. I'd warm-up with 135 lbs, 10 reps not too fast, then go straight to 225 lbs and do about 7 reps (almost failure because I never had a spotter), then 185 to failure (maybe 10 reps), then back to 135 (to failure). I actually got my max up to 275 lbs doing this.

Thanks for the tips. I copied and pasted your program into my notepad.
first bolded part: Ok try this, flex your chest as hard as you possibly can in the mirror and look where your hands end up... they'll be down near your belly button. This is because The Pec major is pennated muscle tissue whose function is to bring the upper arm down and across the chest. In EMG studies decline bench has the highest percentage of fiber recruitment for the PEC Major and Pec Minor recruiting 98% of all muscle fibers in those muscles, Flat bench drops to around 72% and incline is a bismal 46%.

second bolded part: When constructing a routine energy metabolism and muscular output must be considered. Think about this, if I have you warm up to 200 lbs on a bench, then do your first work set there, you may get 10 reps, then up to 225 for 8 then finally 250 lbs but only for 5 reps. Now instead warm up the muscle ans start with that 250 lbs. youll notice now you can get 10 reps with it. Thats 2500 lbs total lifted in that heavy set . That workload translates to the total hormonal response when building new tissue.

If you track your total work output in total weight lifted working up vs. working down you will see a 50% increase in total work performed.

This is extremely important when only doing 3 sets per muscle. It is a careful balance between training volume, total load, recovery and training frequency. With lower volume training you have the ability to train a muscle around 82 times per year. Thats 82 times you induce growth versus 52 times per year with traditional volume training.

also exercises chosen are important. If you do 6 sets of decline a week and 6 sets of close grip bench, your chest and Tri's both did a total of 12 sets with varying load displacement flipping from primary to secondary. This is a way to keep your muscles in a state of supercompensation where nutrient uptake is always basically on overdrive.

I'm actually heading off to the gym right now, but when I get back I will make dieting(for weightloss or gaining muscle and strength) so easy you will wonder how these people on TV selling nutrisystem or weight watchers get away with that crap.
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