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Default Re: Info for anyone interrested in Weight training.

That is really an excellent and well thought out lifting routine. I've developed many for myself over the years, but I can see your wisdom in the way you've constructed it. I will definitely do this one when I get back to the gym. Just one question...why do you recommend the decline bench presses rather than flat bench? Just curious...

That's interesting what you said in the other thread about starting heavy and then making it lighter and lighter for the next sets. This is exactly what I did for my Bench press sets. I'd warm-up with 135 lbs, 10 reps not too fast, then go straight to 225 lbs and do about 7 reps (almost failure because I never had a spotter), then 185 to failure (maybe 10 reps), then back to 135 (to failure). I actually got my max up to 275 lbs doing this.

Thanks for the tips. I copied and pasted your program into my notepad.
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