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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
OK Arky, a little background info from before you were a member...Anytime you see this word "rediculous", it's probably meant as a D'World inside joke, referencing...I forget who it is now. Could it have been Tommycanuhearme? Anyway, this person unknowingly misspelled the word and it has been a cult hit around here ever since. So enter that word in the DW dictionary. Along with the phrase "going to the coast" and the acronym "PEWFLADCC". Perhaps my own term "butt strap" would qualify. OK shameless promotion, I do get a kick from seeing it thrown around here lol.
Glad you cleared that up Larry. I was going to start calling my snare wires a buttstrap from now on.

Thought I had stumbled on some secret insider term that would've instantly gained me some drummer street cred when I started throwing it around the drum shop.
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