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Greetings fellow Cobham enthusiasts! If you haven't heard, we are now accepting students from all over the world at the Billy Cobham School of Drums!!! He's teaching his complete drum method, everything from holding the sticks and snare rudiments to playing professionally (and everything in between). The best part is being able to submit videos for Billy to review. He'll watch you play and then send you a video on what you should be doing to improve. You can ask him questions at any time and watch the videos as many times as you need... it's like having Billy Cobham as your personal teacher, and because it's all online you won't need to travel to Switzerland!

Check out this youtube promo for a "behind the scenes" look.

Love this quote:

"I'm not trying to play into the drum, I'm trying to draw the sound out of the drum." - Billy Cobham
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