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Default Re: Drum Tattoos?

While we're at grammar... Native speakers do mix up quite a number of things. It's all around this forum!

"it's" vs. "its"... "it's" = "it is" <-> "its" = possessive pronoun (like "his", "her")
"your" vs. "you're" -> Now that's a homophone meaning the pronunciation is the same, you can't tell the spelling just by hearing, you have to know the context.

"then" vs. "than" (there is a difference in pronunciation but hey, obviously some don't care.)

And basically, it's "whether", not "if" in sentences like "I don't know whether...", but hey, language is an evolving beast so what was wrong some time (from the grammar purists' point of view) might be correct a few years/decades later.

I'm not to teach anybody, just trying to get some of you a bit more aware. As to tattoos... I don't have any, don't need any. Never will have/need. But still better than smoking (which I also don't need, never needed).
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