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Originally Posted by drummerstix_au
How the hell could anyone say Bonzo was a crap drummer!!!!

Thats like saying you dont beleive in GOD!!!!

Bonzo's groove and timing was impeccable. His style and the way he played the heel toe on his feet.. especially in the Imigrant Song is amazing.

I cant see how someone who has twice the number of drums could blow bonham off the stage because bonham didnt need thousands of toms or kick drums to get a massive sound.

Anyway thats my opinion.

Ummm . . . . i don't believe in god . . . . . but i do believe John Bonham brought more to rock drumming than any other drummer dead or alive . . . . . .

Ask 1000 drummers for their top ten, and JB will rank higher for more people than anyone else. Just read any drumming magazine - just about every pro or amateur interviewed lists JB as an influence.
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