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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

The thing that's especially niche-y about this kit, as I've played around on it and messed with tuning it all over the map, is that no matter how you tune it, the toms sound choked, like when people tune their toms sky-high for jazz. That's due to the lack of vent holes. It's weird to see my sticks hitting a 12" tom tuned JAW, but it sounds choked like a 16" tuned super-high.

I definitely start playing jazz licks while on this kit. I can't help it. Tuned medium-low, it sounds like Philly Jo's kit, and tuned up higher it sounds like Max Roach's kit. I tried to remember how to play Blues For Big Sid all the way through (I had to memorize it for a jury in college...). Time to get the sheet music out!
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