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Originally Posted by Gary Husband View Post
Hmm, thanks anyway Dave. I really can't agree but I appreciate it anyway.

It's all Phil's legacy. He was the original and easily, by far the best.

My legacy I tend to insist is the whole Allan Holdsworth thing, and what we did there all those years. Like as in Phil with Level 42, I was the first and original with Allan's groups - (I.O.U., from 1980 and stuff the years since.)

Other than that... And still relative to this thread I believe Mark King and I got the best groove we ever got on a track called "Alverstone Jam" from the album "Dirty & Beautiful Vol 1". Hope you may get to hear it sometime.
Well, you've been with the band so obviously you know better what chemistry you had with Mr. King and the rest of the band and how it showed through the final products - songs. All I can say is that, from a listeners point of view, the albums I mentioned before are great to listen to and to learn from. It's not a secret the band sounded different after Phil left, but different doesn't mean worse. So thanks to Mr. Gould and thank YOU Mr. Husband for inspiration in certain times when drumming becomes a bit boring :)
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