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Default Re: Heel Toe method

Originally Posted by jammaster
technique is technique it has nothing to do with equipment!

yeah, that's a good advice to angle your foot sideways, it's important to understand that the heel stroke is more a toe downstroke not a heel stroke
\JUST to corect the confusion...
but I have been teaching drummers Quite a while now and most get it from the WFD trailer....LOL
The HEEL in my videos is A FULL downstroke and the Toe is also a FULL upstroke
after you get the speed up the heel controls ALL the motion as the toe stays put this is why I coined the term Toe down strokes exactly the opposite of heel down....
hope this clears up the confusion.
Yes after you get the technique down you can raise you heel to control the bounce and then you are doing heel up controlled doubles.
The next phase is ta actually tap the doubles with your foot Like Virgil....
God Bless and Good Luck
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