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Hmm, thanks anyway Dave. I really can't agree but I appreciate it anyway.

It's all Phil's legacy. He was the original and easily, by far the best.

My legacy I tend to insist is the whole Allan Holdsworth thing, and what we did there all those years. Like as in Phil with Level 42, I was the first and original with Allan's groups - (I.O.U., from 1980 and stuff the years since.)

Other than that... And still relative to this thread I believe Mark King and I got the best groove we ever got on a track called "Alverstone Jam" from the album "Dirty & Beautiful Vol 1". Hope you may get to hear it sometime.

Originally Posted by DangerousDave View Post
Mr. Husband, I really like what you did with the band. Guaranteed and Staring at the sun are among my favourite Level 42 albums :)

Back on topic... I really like Phil. He's an amazing player and I learned and still am learning from him. And btw his massive Tama with SImmons pads was a spectacular kit which I always loved to watch :) Hope Phil is doing fine. All the best to him :)
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