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Default Re: Trad Grip Group!

I like trad grip also. I took up trad grip next to matched almost from the moment I started playing (practicing) drums - 16 months ago. It took some time until it felt comfy and I'm still in this process - only recently did rolls start to feel acceptable. When I'm grabbing my sticks I would first choose trad grip automatically, then after some playing switch to matched to remember there is such a thing, and because some things feel different with matched and I want to do both. One benefit I can't have with matched (apart from the unique feel of trad grip) is the embellishments/rebound/ghost note control, it just feels so much more "finesse" than matched. I'd say I'm playing/practicing traditional grip about 70% of the time, with 50% of that as left hand lead or isolated left hand (to get my left hand up vs. my right hand).

I also like playing Moeller w/ trad grip a lot. I play a lot of left hand lead w/ trad & Moeller, it's so much fun. Moeller feels so differently with matched grip. For pure fun I'm sometimes experimenting with right hand trad grip, or both hands trad. I was shocked to learn that although the motions were quite awkward at the beginning my right hand has so much more power than my left - some stuff happened right away or at a tempo I needed months to achieve with my left hand.

My biggest problem with trad grip is when I'm imitating getting around the drumset - no full kit yet, I'm doing this with various pads for now. I do have a Roland V-Kit for temporary use and it's clear that working on a pad is one thing, playing around the toms is another story. I need to develop more feel/control with trad grip when playing with my arms in a more extended way, when moving across toms. Haven't done this a lot yet.

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