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Default Re: NEED opinions on good heads for DW performance series!

Hi! i dont own these drums, but i have played a few different sets. I dont know what sound your going for (if you comment again i can help fine tune it in) but here are some ideas

low pitched sound with a "smacky" attack
aquarian performance II clears over classic clear
tune the top head slightly higher than the bottom and you with get a pitch that starts off high and then drops, very controlled sound. tune them evenly and you will have a controlled "singing" tom with no "bad" overtones. tune the bottom slightly tighter and you will have a drum with resonance and a lot of attack
bass drum: superkick I with a ported regulator as the reso head. tune both loose and your kick drum sounds MASSIVE
snare- this is really a personal sound, i cant help you here unless you give me more to work with

mid-ranged "traditional" metal sound
remo pinstripe clear over remo ambassador clear
same thing as the aquarians, except these heads are a bit brighter
bass drum: powerstroke 3 with your factory reso (should work well enough) same deal, except tune the reso a little higher, its like the super kick but not as "dead"
Snare: same as aquarian, but most metal drummers that play remo use cs coated, i use it and it is a very nice head, gives you 2 separate snare sounds to play with

you can do the same thing with coated heads as the batter, the only difference is that the drum will have a warmer, more full-body sound.
If you can describe the sound you want, this will make it a load easier, especially for the bass and snare drums.
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