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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by dRummmmmmm View Post
What do you think about DW 3000 Double pedal. I just got one for 250 euros. Now im thinking about something... I can do fast little fills with DW 3000 double pedal. Since it has very heavy beaters and when I get speed, I cant keep up the speed, I always lose it. I cant keep up 200bpm even 2 seconds. Does it have something to do with the pedal. Should I change the beaters. Can I/you get faster with 2002 or 3000?
Hey, that's an older post of mine ;-)

Well I practice double bass a lot but I don't have much experience with various pedals. I checked some of them out briefly at the store, and a few at the Musikmesse Frankfurt. At the Musikmesse I gave the whole dw range a try, but very quickly. And as I was used to my dw 2002 pedal EVERY other dw pedal up to the 9000 range seemed a bit strange to my feet - maybe because of a different spring tension, also I think the more expensive dw pedals are overbuilt/too heavy (which doesn't necessarily make them "slow", they're just too massive IMO). So I'm fine with the 2002 I have. (But I haven't forgotten the Czarcie Kopyto... They're still on my wishing list... for some later time.)

Don't worry about the speed! Just take a deep breath, try to keep encouraged to practice, and try staying patient. The speed will come. So 2002 or 3000... I don't know for sure but what difference should there be? It's your feet! BTW, 200 is not that fast... Any pedal can handle this. It might be a difference at higher speed to get 5-10 bpm more max speed on one pedal because a specific player's feet might "like" that pedal more, but in the 200 bpm range... don't worry, any pedal is "good".

Now as you have a 3000 - great! Just take the time to let your feet fully adapt to your pedal, experiment with the setting (I think a medium spring tension is a good starting point, and any technique will work with this). The rest is (disciplined) practice and patience/time.

As I said in another thread - the dw beaters are heavy, that's true - but I'm taking this as a challenge (to make your practice harder and let your feet get accustomed to heavy beaters). If I can do good speed with them then switching to lighter beaters might mean going even faster.
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