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Default Re: It's 2012, What's your new year's resolution?

Originally Posted by iwantmemoney View Post
My tag is, "putting the funk in dysfunctional", but it sounds like your pop's tag is" "putting the funk in bodily functions" heart goes out to you! Are there ways to work on your Polly-rhythms on the arm of the chair after he goes nitenite? Boy, I would just be waiting for that moment, probly slip him a mickey to help the progress.

In any case, Happy New Year and I know you'll make the best of it!
Thanks IWMM :)

Yep, it's funky round these here parts.

I'll have to try simple rudiments on the pad ultra soft. He sleeps a fair bit and it's like being with the baby - you don't want to wake him up or I'll have to start working again ...
Polly's rhythms
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