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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Mrcoffee View Post
Yeah, I was afraid of that... and with the backlog they now have, I won't see it for awhile.

But before, I should probably retry the head they had put on at first... seems it was bigger... could it be that Remo and Evans make tight head edges? Ans what about the angle they put in there (45degrees)... seems the crimped heads are squarer and it sits better... don't you think?
Thanks iX for your comment, I appreciate it.
Try it for sure. Crimped heads do seem to center easier. But from my experience all heads work on DW toms. I have owned 4 dw kits, so when my friend had a problem I knew it was some sort of issue. We made sure the bearing edges where nice and clean but the drum wouldn't tune with a nice smooth round tone. The tiniest fractions can throw off the drum. The kit at the time was 4 years old. He sent it to DW and got it back in 3 weeks.Crazy right?! They didn't charge him for return shipping, and they put new heads on it. They didn't explain what they did, it just came back tuning true.
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