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Originally Posted by DrumDoug View Post
Hey guys. I'm the one that put in the other thread that Virgil "couldn't lay it down." That was not my opinion, I was just relaying what a guitar player that had played with Virgil a few times told me.
Fair enough. I just reread the post. I note he was talking in the context of a country gig. Never heard Donati play country so perhaps he was unsuited. Can't imagine it as he's a pretty well rounded player.....even back then. Was sought after on the local scene for many years before he cracked it internationally because of it.....much of it around the time frame your guitarist was talking about. But still, I wasn't there so who am I to doubt him.

But yeah, lay it down simply he can certainly do. I've heard too many recordings of Oz artists where Virgil played the sessions to believe otherwise. Straight 4/4, top 40 pop/rock....not a polyrhythm or other complicated pattern to be found. :-)
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