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Originally Posted by Gary Husband View Post
Phil was the boss with Level 42. What he had with Mark was something great. That was never anything I could get half as good during my tenure with the band. The group was never particularly my real strength anyway.

On the other hand, Phil wouldn't be able to produce the Dirty & Beautiful album - the Volume 2 edition comes out this February - so we all have our real strengths!

Back on the 42 thing, I recommend highly Pete Ray Biggin - the current drummer with the band. He's making that group feel really great right now in my estimation. Check him out!

Mr. Husband, I really like what you did with the band. Guaranteed and Staring at the sun are among my favourite Level 42 albums :)

Back on topic... I really like Phil. He's an amazing player and I learned and still am learning from him. And btw his massive Tama with SImmons pads was a spectacular kit which I always loved to watch :) Hope Phil is doing fine. All the best to him :)
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