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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Ted T---

Thanks! Glad you enjoy that solo. If you like that, may I recommend both Methods and Mechanics DVDs? Nine hours between the two, long enough to handle any commute!

My best to you, man.

Swiss Matthias---

Thanks to you! I'm happy you enjoyed the clips! I hope you decide to pick them up, and my web store ships world wide.

Thanks again, and my best to you!


Thanks for checking out the book, and I'm very happy you dig it! As far as your question goes, there's a lot of variables depending on the situation. Am I hired to play parts perviously programmed on a demo? Do I have the final say for parts? What kind of music is it? I could go on and on with questions like these because the variables are many. Ultimately I'm trying to make someone happy (artist/producer) with seeing their vision become a reality. But If it's my band or my project, that might be different. Either way I let the music dictate what should be played----and I listen to my head and heart, without sounding corny, but that's it. I never try to inflict my agenda on the music. I try to be agenda-less and ego-less as it were. I hope I'm making sense. But that's the barometer I use. I hope that helps!

Thanks again-
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