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Default Re: Dave Weckl

Yeah, you guys are right. Dave Weckl isn't a good drummer.
He's an unbelievable drummer.
He plays absolutely perfectly. He's got the ideal drum sound (look at all the university kids coming out these days like Weckl), unparalled technique and clarity around the drums. Does he EVER make a mistake? I don't think so. He's managed to develop his own sound and play some very complicated stuff. The time in his solos is perfect. What he plays when he solos always fits the music. It may be complicated but so many people bash drummers who have chops, I don't understand why. The central point is that any one of us would kill to play like Weckl.
That being said, old Weckl leaves me feeling a little cold- maybe too perfect. However, Weckl live is a great experience- he's a drummer that I feel can't get emotive in the studios.
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