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[thread necromancy]

I know this thread is pretty old, but I didn't want to n00b out by starting a new thread.

Anyways....I'm a HUGE fan of Paul - my favorite drummer in fact. His drumming on Slayer's Divine Intervention is what inspired me to finally start playing back in '94, and ever since then I've feverishly studied every aspect of his drumming on every he's been on in true fanboy fashion.

I never thought he'd be able to top what he did with Slayer, but I think he hit it out of the park on Exodus' SHKM and then again on the last Testament album. It's a shame he just officially left Testament, but his new project BlackGates sounds promising.

He's been with Yamaha for a while now. That silver Oak Custom kit he was using on the American Carnage tour sounded INSANE live. Definitely a huge step up from his PDP kit (though that one sounded awesome too).
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