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Default Re: It's 2012, What's your new year's resolution?

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
One of mine is to post some of my playing on the " your playing" section as well. Like iwantmemoney, stated, it's more for accountability purposes. I've been a member here for a long time and I figured it's about time to do that. Plus, I never feel right responding to others who have posted their playing because I haven't put my own neck out there. :)
Good one, fixxxer. It seems that most chatters don't post their playing. Meanwhile, most people posting their playing don't chat.

I find it harder to get interested in what people say about playing when their playing is unheard (apart from people like Caddy and Moontheloon, who are obviously educated musicians).

Who cares about people you don't know putting up drum covers for promo purposes? Most drum covers sound horrible because the mix is unbalanced. On the other hand, if a regular poster puts up their playing I'm always curious to see the connection between personality, convictions and playing style/skills.

My NY resolution is to keep my sanity and sense of humour ... since I'm now caring for my ancient father I have no control over my life ... what I do is entirely dependent on how he's going.

Until now I've been very sooky about disgusting things and a while ago my nephew told me to "harden the f* up" (haha) after a bout of gagging when confronted by dad's excretions (not for the faint hearted). However, daily exposure to the disgustingness of old age with its various pungent excretions has indeed hardened me the f* up :)

My drum chops are diminishing but my nursing chops are improving ...
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