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Default Re: Your favorite live concert

...Oh, and then there was the Doobie Brothers/Crosby Stills Nash concert at the Big Fresno Fair that three of us went to one summer. It was part of the fair, so we were there most of the day riding rides and drinking beer. About an hour before the show we were walking through one of the buildings where they have all the vendors set up. Everyone from jewelry makers to log cabin builders have booths set up. One of the vendors was Executive Limos and they had a full limo in there for people to get in and check out. We were siting in the back of the car goofing around and noticed that the wet bar was FULLY STOCKED. There were 3 or 4 decanters full of various liquors. Since this was an area kids had access to, we felt it was our responsibility to remove the alcohol from the area so it was no longer accessible by the children.

We proceeded to very quickly consume massive quantities of various alcohols in various amounts. From what I remember we completely emptied the bottles before stumbling off to the show.

The concert itself was barely memorable, but the ridiculous drunkenness, my buddy getting in a fight with security, tackled, beaten up, and eventually kicked out on his head I will always remember.

Good times, good times. :)
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