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Default Re: Your favorite live concert

Ozzy Ozbourne, New Years Eve 95 or 96 (can't remember). Ozzy played for several hours up until midnight when he stopped in the middle of a song and did a whole new year countdown. Then he ended up playing for another hour and a half or so.

Megadeth/Suicidal Tendencies - Wilson Theatre, Fresno, CA - Loudest concert ever. It was a smaller venue that was so insanely loud chunks of plaster were raining from the ceiling. First time I had to use the ever so effective toilet paper/spitwad/earplugs.

KISS - January 26, 1884 - Lick It Up Tour - My first big stadium rock concert. I just turned 15 and me a buddy went to our first KISS concert. There were two opening bands, Riot and Vandenburg. During the first intermission we found a roach on the floor. Me and my buddy grabbed it, ran up to the very top row of seats and smoked it. It was laced with something like PCP, because my friend and I were completely loaded out of our freakin minds for the rest of the night. Never been that high in my life. The concert was really long and my Mom had come to pick us up at 11:00, but the concert went till like 1:00 am, and I remember being in the car loaded out of my mind tripping and my Mom was PISSED and yelling at us because we kept her waiting for over almost 3 hours.
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