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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I have just got few days ago the DW 3000 Double pedals. They cost me 250 euros and i got 15% off so it cost me i think 212 euros which is about 200 dollars. The pedals are really smooth and I like them, I can do fast little fills but I can play only few seconds with speed of 170bpm and I lose the speed. The pedals are heavy duty and I have used to lighter ones. Those are my first double pedals. Now I'm saving money for the Tama Iron Speed Cobras, I have heard a lot of good feedback and I want to play a bit faster.

My questions are... Do you have DW 3000 double pedals, and what do you think about them? Tell me your thoughts even if you have tried them. How fast you can play with them?


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