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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey all

Real name? Michael
Age? 19
How long have you been playing? Only about 2 years.
Origin of user name? Always been my nickname.
Your top 3 drummers? Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith. Too many to mention decide
Make of drumkit? Which one? Pearl Forum, Mapex Saturn Series and a cheap electric kit.
Make of cymbal? Zildjian
Where do you practice? Spare room which is pretty much a music room :)
Are you in a band? Yes. Called Ninety % which is the local band in town. Got in about two years ago after the original drummer left town. Had a lot of learning to do. Still learning but enjoy playing regular gigs.
Do you play covers or originals? Covers
What style of music? We play mostly rock with a bit of country. Mostly covers of stuff like ACDC, Screaming Jets, The Angels. Have started doing covers of newer songs.
Favourite take out food? At the moment Subway
What country do you live in? Australia
One really odd fact about yourself? Im pretty odd yeah! haha
How did you start drumming? Well. Used to play a lot of Rock Band which lead to buying a kit even though I was not really good. Probably the best thing I ever bought and I am glad that I play in a band.
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