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Default NEED opinions on good heads for DW performance series!

Hi. I just purchased a five-piece dw performance series kit, in charcoal and they sound amazing! Even with the included stock heads that I'm currently using, you can tell they're quality drums. I'm just searching for a drum head that will bring out the most in my kit because I know these drums have the potential to sing more and sound a lot better. Keep in mind, I havent tuned em at all, so maybe all they require to sound THAT much better is me just tuning the stock heads to my liking. But I'm not sure.

So I was hoping for opinions from past/current owners, or drummers that have had enough experienced playing them, to determine, the best possible head for these specific drums - in your opinion. And maybe it's such a convincing opinion that i might be swayed to try it out. About heads - I would like my drums to "sing" (no choking of the drum, preferably) but i dont want a lot of overtone or for them to sound too "bong"-y sounding. They'll be used to primarily play heavier/metal music, if that helps. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks.
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