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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi guys. My name is Ben. I am from Western Australia (a big, hot, dry desert state in Australia). I play a PREMIER GENISTA....90's model in terravadi green. 20" BD, 12" RT and 14" FT. I use Vic Firth F1 American Classic sticks (nylon tip). My snare is a Pearl Masters Sudio 14x5.5. I love Evans G2 clear for the toms and G1 for the rezos. My snare has a CS remo batter and diplomat rezo. My hats are 13" K custom bottom and A custom top, a 8" and 10" A custom splash, a 20" ping ride (all zildjian). My crashes are 16" Sabian HH xtra thin crash, and a 18" HH thin crash. I use a DB-30 Boss metronome plugged into a logitech subwoofer/speaker system for my practice. My fave drummers are Butch from the Eels, Rick Latham, Jay Lane (Primus) and ESPECIALLY Carter Beauford from TDMB. I use matched grip, I have a passion for rudiments and incorporating them using the "third hand concept" on the drumkit.
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