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Originally Posted by tkav1980 View Post
Hey all, I got my kit back yesterday and after 7 years in storage, the hardware needs a bit of TLC. The chrome is a bit pitted and maybe a bit oxidized. Is there any product I can buy that would be good for restoring it?

I the past year I started using this, and it works wonders. It doesn't scratch the chrome, and leaves it shiny. For about $3 you can restore all things chrome. If the chrome is really dirty, let it set in the vinegar for an hour or two, longer if needed. Rinse in water, and wipe dry with microfiber towels, like you would find in the auto section of Wal-Mart. (don't use bath towels-they are coarse and can scratch the chrome finish)

I use the clear vinegar. 5% acid content is all the bottle has to say. I've cleaned up the chrome on 3 Tama sets from the '80's, and they look almost as good as new.
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