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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

My new tiny kit using the floor and rack tom from my bigger Pearl kit ...

My new small kit hero

Greg Saunier interview

"Speaking of your drum kit, it seems really tiny from the audience. Is that an optical illusion? [Laughs.] No, Iím actually twelve feet tall. I suppose my drum set is kind of small because it doesnít have very many parts in it. You mentioned The Roots earlier and that choice was largely an inspiration from ?uestlove again, from when Satomi and I went to see The Roots maybe ten years ago. I saw the drummer back there playing a pretty stripped down drum set and yet it seemed like he was sort of the star of the show, even at that time. Of course since then heís a legend everybody knows. But he and I have joked around a little bit since then because his drum set has gotten bigger over the years as heís become more famous. But right around that time I was thinking to myself that I wanted to take pieces away from my own drums and try to make it smaller, so when I saw him playing such a small set that it made me feel okay with it.

Whatís the motivation for that? I think for me itís almost like it forces me to have to be a little more creative, I think. Because, you know, if you have a lot of different sounds at your disposal, then any time your music is getting boring you can hit one of the new sounds. ďOh, Iíll just rake my drumstick across this bell tree here.Ē You know, ďIíll pull out the gong and bash that for a while.Ē So it makes me have to try and think of some interesting idea to play or make some interesting statement with the drums even if I donít have a lot of sound effects. I donít know. Itís actually a little hard to explain. Iím not sure why I like itÖ I guess part of me deep down thinks that our music is actually really simple and itís meant to be simple and itís meant to be easy to play. And easy to cover. And it doesnít require anything special or any unusual equipment to play Deerhoof songs."

Deerhoof in action ...

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