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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


the M&M I companion book/CD has arrived today... This book is made very well, it's great fun reading it! I also like the CD sleeve to stay permanently inside the book (it's always a nuisance having to tear those sleeves off usually which would always leave its traces - not the case with your book).

The section on double bass isn't too long but informative, it's really helping to structure what you're typically playing when it comes to double bass.

Amazing transcription work! I'm looking forward to the M&M II book/CD package.

Greets, and have a good 2012

One question: Do you have a typical procedure how to come up with the drums on a new song? I don't remember whether you described this on "M&M I" - I do remember that you prefer to know the lyrics so you can support the emotions. How long does it take you to elaborate the drum parts of a "complex" song (if there is such a thing like a "complex" song for you)? Thank you for your reply.

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