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Originally Posted by Dill X
I can't believe how he gets such a bad rap from drummers here. Most of you just see people ragging on him and jump on the bandwaggen, leaving little room for any actual thought or research put into your post.

I'm not saying that he is "the best" drummer out there because he most certainly is not, and anyone who believes he is needs to expand their horizons and education in drumming and drummers. I think that the main problem that people have with him is that he gets a great deal of attention and praise from non-drummers and beginners, and also that fact that he is a big "rock-star."

I think some of you need to open up your eyes and realize that he really is a good drummer. Not the greatest or one of the best, but he still deserves respect like any other drummer out there or on this site.
Good point. If people would actually read that before posting, this might be a decent thread.
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