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Default Pierre Moerlen

Just listening to some Gong and it struck me that Pierre Moerlen is rarely discussed, yet he was an incredibly brilliant drummer (now deceased) that some of you may enjoy a lot.

I was listening to this track - check out the monster fill he does to lead into the groove

Check out how he handles the wicked Zappa-esque changes in this one (Chandra) ... he also plays tuned percussion. Check out his combination with the tambourine a bit after 2 mins.

In Downwind the best section of the song starts around 1:40, leading to a great Mike Oldfield guitar solo. At around 4:10 the drum solo starts ... around 5:40 the solo hots up leading to a fantastic climax.

Flat out hotshot fusion drumming in Expresso with Alan Holdsworth on guitar

And for some silly fun - here's an early super-tight clip of Gong live with the maniacal hippy frontman, Daevid Allen and fabulous hippie guitarist, Steve Hillage carving it up :)
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