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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

My father is 83 and nearing the end due to failing health. For the past 40+ years he has been logging daily into a dairy. I'm wondering if I will read some of his writings when he has passed. A few years ago I was visiting him and came upon his diary for 1984. I read what he wrote on the day I moved out of the house, when I took my first job in another state after graduating college. I was in tears as I read the emotion he put into his words. I imagine there will be many more tears if I read through some of the other diaries.

A few years ago I took old 8mm home movie footage that my grandfather had taken from the 1950s-1970s, and converted them to VHS. I gave each of my brothers and my parents a copy of the tape for Christmas that year. This had footage, mostly of the holidays as each of us grew up from babies to teenagers. I got really choked up when I was making this video tape.

I'm not a person who cries too often. Last time I can remember crying was 6 years ago when my mom died. But certain things and memories can get to me.

I really haven't thought much about the legacy I'll leave behind to my family. I know that the time we've spent together over the years is really important, because people cherish those memories. As far as tangibles, I'm not really sure. I've got a lot of hobbies, so my family is going to have to do something with those things after I pass. I tend to think like Larry in terms of leaving little crumbs behind.
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