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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I remember going to the external clamp on bass drum muffler way back in the day after I removed the Pratt.
That worked pretty good and it could be removed entirely when not wanted.
I can turn the Pratt completely off, too. I don't have the "rattling" problem that many people have brought up with that particular piece of hardware. I guess mine just works correctly, fortunately.

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I would try the Aquarian Vintage heads with the felt attached.
They are made to fit a vintage drum properly too.
That's what I'm waiting on...the American Vintage heads. Should be here any day now. Yep, any day now...

Originally Posted by pearlygates View Post
Great project! Brings back memories of my very first kit (long story) Should be a beaut when she's finished.
Do share! We've got time. :)

And, thanks for the kind words, DrumEatDrum and millerscapes. I'm super-excited...
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