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Default Re: Mallaebility, Amiability, subservience, group dynamics and leadership

Hello all - Thanks for you're postive replies. Especially Larry ace , that was very well put.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ryan, I don't think much is to be gained by thinking about the role in the band pecking order. If you have some thoughts on the arrangements I suggest you share them with the band - as though you're a proper musician :) Seriously, our approach to drums has a massive effect on arrangements, especially the dynamic shape of a song.

The worst that can happen is you'll be dissed. The best response to a dissed suggestion is not to worry about it but to work out why they preferred a different approach. If you come up with an idea that requires the bassist or guitarist to play a simple ostinato, be ready for a rejection :)
Some good points here Pollyanna. I often suggest my thoughts on the arrangements, without getting too upset if they dont end up happening.

I would argue, however, that there is a lot to be gained from thinking about ones role in a band pecking order - especially if we were talking about someone who often finds themselves at the bottom of one. To me, if they passively go along with this role they could be depriving themselves of the opportunity of thinking critically about their own ideas and their creative processes. Admittedly this could slow down the whole process of 'getting things done' and 'getting results.' But ultimately, if a project is people centred - if it faces up to the invevitability of tension within a group dynamic, i'd suggest that this is going to help the final recording/gig, making for a more energetic performance.
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