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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
.... my mother was a writer and a singer. She performed and recorded a fair amount. She also had hundreds of tapes of some well known opera singers, and classical musicians, in conversation-performance, rehearsals... valueable stuff- she thought. Given my interest in music, she wanted to make sure I inherited her collection. The passage of time and my lack of interest in the years following her death destroyed and de- oxidized all the tapes, and today theres is nothing.
Similarly, my father collected antique furniture for 20 years, not because he loved it, but because he thought he would bequeath something of value & wondferful to the homes of his 2 sons. Lo and behold when the time came, both his sons prefer not to have that furniture in their homes, and all of it today is rotting in our basements.

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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Makes me think if I should leave my prototype kit to my son. Even though he appreciates the sound of the kit, I think the aesthetic is way off the mark for him. I'd hate to think of it rotting in a basement. Guess I'll just have to give it to Larry :)
Yep yep yep. I look at the things my parents see of value and most of it I see as old, dirty, worn out and, well, a bit icky lol (apart from the old record players).

My nephew will feel exactly the same way about my stuff. When I was cleaning out dad's place before moving in I must have put 100s of bottles and little containers that he'd kept for decades in the recycle bin ... I'm hoping not to leave a similar legacy with my earthly remains.

I think the trick is to train your beneficiaries from an early age to be heavily interested in history / vintage things :) There's probably millions of young people (and maybe some not so young) who think the iPhone 3 is old hat ...
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