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Default Re: What are you listening to right now? (part 2)

Brooke Miller - "Cannonball":
(She's married to Don Ross who is a great acoustic guitarist.)
This 3 minute song releases so much energy to me... it's amazing. No double bass, no shred, no monster arrangement - but it works ;-) The drums aren't too fancy also, but used in a clever way so they do support the song.

Here's Brooke Miller w/ vocals & ac. guitar only - her songs are great for campfire atmosphere also.
Brooke Miller - "Two Soldiers"
(The ac. guitar she's playing is by Michael Greenfield/Canada. Prices are starting from 12.000 dollars...)

Sorry for posting some orig. stuff, but recently I've recorded a few guitar instrumentals. The 1st is uploaded now, I can listen to it several times in a row and don't feel bored... It's fascinating watching/hearing oneself play while leaning back and relax, not having to think about technique and stuff, haha.
My "acoustic instrumental #6":
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