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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

My intention is not to have the world appreciate my stuff, I couldn't care less. My impetus is to leave breadcrumbs (love that term) for my descendants who are interested. I want what I love to be able to be shared after I'm gone with anyone who is interested enough in me to look. If no one looks, whatever, but I am going to make sure I leave something to find for the ones who are interested. I think my descendants would be mad that I didn't leave them anything, when it's so easy to. That's selfish in a way. To live your entire life and to have nothing to show for all the time you spent on the thing you love the a pity. Recordings are like fossils, they tell a story. I've loved listening to and making recordings as long as I can remember. The recordings of my sons voice when he was 2 and my grandfathers voice before he died are precious to me. My recordings are the most valuable aspect of my music. Because they last, unlike my own memories.

In my mind, being a musician and having no recordings is like being a fine artist who paints with a paint that disappears as soon as it's finished. It's like it never happened. All that work with nothing to show. What a pity.
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