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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Not so sure about that, Larry. It seems to me that after we die almost all of it disappears into the ether, unless you're John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Buddy Rich etc. For most of us, our recordings' lifespan is pretty well the same as our own.

Don't understand this or agree with it. Recordings won't delete themselves from the net when I die

Your grandkids will only care up to the point of "Oh, Grandpa Larry was a drummer. Cool" (or they'll ask "What's a drummer?"). Then there's a good chance that they'll hear two bars of your music, get bored, and move on.

So you're saying my music is boring? lol JK. Were you bored cataloging your Mom's writings? Even if they do get bored, at least they can actually see what I was like, how I moved, my expressions, and a hundred other nuances

I've tried reading mum's stories and, while I can tell they are very well written, it's not a style I enjoy.

I think this is 99% of the point of playing.

Disagree here too, I play for the music and the others. Being happy is a side effect

Yes, long lasting pleasure that lasts the distance of our life span ...
Again, recordings on the internet, assuming they stay there, will outlast me. Don't understand your logic here
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