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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I think that was the case a decade ago but now there's so much material out there that each unknown item fades into increasing anonymity. If I wasn't on this site the number of hits for each of my YouTube vids would be under 10.
I guess I'm not so much talking about my music becoming important or recognized outside my immediately circle, but rather that something isn't necessarily going to be relegated to sitting in a box that might never be opened again after I die. That was the thing I zeroed in on from your OP.

People search their family trees to trace their roots all the time using genealogy sites. I just mean that anyone interested in my family lineage could find more about me online in a few minutes than our parents' generation could with months of painstaking research. Including, "Didn't he play the drums? Let's look. Oh, yeah. There he is. That was his band. Wow, his left hand is amazing!"

Okay, I may have taken liberties with some of that dialogue :)
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