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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

At least we do something that can be recorded and preserved for the enjoyment of future generations, something no insurance salesman could say. I think it's important to record. I made a thread about this about a year ago, basically stating that uploading recordings here on the internet, is a way to start a legacy. My great great grandchildren will be able to listen to me, my voice, my work, and have something tangible that they can go to, and access at anytime if they are interested. My descendants...the only thing that may survive is pictures, which are a great thing too. But recording yourself in the present like a time capsule. The things we take for granted now (Oh man, I was dragging on that tune) will be fondly looked back upon for their historical context.

Playing makes me temporarily happy, but having recordings of my playing gives me real long lasting pleasure. I am so grateful for all the recordings I have, it's a musical timeline of my life. Preserving a whole night of music, the memories, the atmosphere, the something I am very keen on doing. I want to preserve my efforts. I am grateful that what we do is easily preserved. Many professions cannot say that. Sure I am an electrician, and I can say, hey I rewired that house. But no one see's my wiring. Whereas my mark is all over that recording.
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