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Default Re: Mallaebility, Amiability, subservience, group dynamics and leadership

YES, Larry, you've taken the words out of mouth, with a difference though, I would never been able to write it down as well as you did.

Your reply is the very essence of what a drummer, or any other musicians for that matter, should be or aspire to be in a true democratic band, where all involved are on same level of interactions, participations and opinions towards each others, and of course, towards the music.

Still, I can relate to Ryan frustation, in the sense, that unfortunately, there's still some bands or musicians who are "looking down" on drummers, especially if he's/she's only good at the drums, no other instruments, regardless that they could not play our instrument to save their lives, and while I can admire a brilliant saxophone player, he's only playing one instrument, as we, drummers are playing several instruments together.

Another approach Ryan, which could be more satisfying as a drummer, is to start a band in which you'll be the leader, bringing your own music to the band and be the "lead" instrument within your project, at least you should feel less frustrated, but it could also help the "I may be letting my ego get the best of me and I'm aware that there's room for improving my attitude" syndrome.
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