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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

In our lives, we are constantly influenced by what has happened or been said in the past, as well as being influnced by what is happening and being said alonside our day to day lives.

As an exemple, what my parents have taught me, gave me (as an education as well as their view on life) will remains with me until I die, the same apply to some school teachers, my best friends, the best musicians I've played with, they all influenced my life one way or another. These "absorbed" influences within ourselves are then "transmitted" to the next generation, whatever it's done conciously or un-counciously.

Now this applied to my parents and as it is to my daughter, they have and are being influenced by the past and the present moments of their lives.

I tend to think that the legacy of people who have passed away are living within us today, and I believe that my legacy, once I'm gone, will live in my daughter and her children (she hasn't got any yet) and through the people I've touched one way or another with sufficient impact to change their view on a given subject for the rest of their life.

(The cataloguing is a bigger job than I thought...) Good on you to do this for you mom and good luck with it.... :-))
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